Fisher Center Scientists Identify Protective Molecule That Could Lead to New Class of Alzheimer’s Medications | Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation

New York, New York 8/19/2015 – Today, the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation is proud to announce they have funded a significant new finding through research conducted by Fisher Center scientists at The Rockefeller University in an effort to find a cure for Alzheimer’s.

Scientists find electrical brain stimulation improves memory

Intranasal Insulin Could Treat Alzheimer’s Related Memory Loss | Neuroscience News

Researchers at the UW Medicine, Veteran’s Administration Puget Sound and Saint Louis University have made a promising discovery that insulin delivered high up in the nasal cavity goes to affected areas of brain with lasting results in improving memory.

Brain Cells from Skin Cells

And I figured it would be some time in our future before we are able to replace brain cells; that’s one of those ideas of science fiction. Right? Scientific knowledge is expanding at an astonishing rate, but, still, I won’t see brain cell replacement in my lifetime. Will I? As it turns out, I may have been very wrong about the time frame. Two different teams of scientists in China have successfully grown brain cells from skin cells.