If you know someone with Alzheimer’s, you quickly realize that you need to adjust the way you communicate in order to have pleasant interactions.  It can be frustrating to talk with someone with Alzheimer’s since they will often repeat themselves, get agitated easily and live in an altered reality.  But that doesn’t mean communicating with your loved ones has to be frustrating.  Here are some helpful articles for you.  Make sure to read #1!

  1. Rewiring my brain and stepping into Alzheimer’s World  Written by Bob DeMarco, Alzheimer’s Reading Room.  This is by far the most appropriate explanation I’ve read of communicating and interacting with someone who has Alzheimer’s.  Bob explains how he was able to step into Alzheimer’s World rather than fighting with his idea of reality.
  2. Alzheimer’s Caregiving: Changes in Communication Skills. From the National Institute on Aging.  A basic guide good for a new caregiver. Filled with good pointers such as: Ask questions that require a yes or no answer. For example, you could say, “Are you tired?” instead of “How do you feel?” 
  3. Top-10 Tips for Visiting Someone With Alzheimer’s written by Leigh Ann Otte, OurParents.com. Ten simple things to help make visits more pleasant for both you and your loved one.
  4. Learning how to Communication with Someone with Alzheimer’s Written by Bob DeMarco, Alzheimer’s Reading Room.  This is a more scientific explanation of what is happening to the brain of someone with Alzheimer’s disease without all the scientific jargon.
  5. Dementia Communication Tips from the Alzheimer’s Association.  8 short and easy to follow tips such as: Emotions are usually more important than their words, try to understand the feeling they are trying to communicate with you.