Adult Day Services

An Affordable Alternative to Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

Today is our last day at the National Adult Day conference in Louisville, KY.  We have met so many great people and learned something important: Many people are not aware that Adult Day exists, and even if they have heard of it, they likely don’t know what it is.

Adult day service centers provide a coordinated program of professional and compassionate services for adults in a community-based group setting. Services are designed to provide social and some health services to adults who need supervised care in a safe place outside the home during the day.1

Adult Day for Alzheimer’s is a wonderful alternative for caregiving when you are not ready to put your mom or dad in a nursing home or assisted living.  Instead, your parent can interact with people their age in an environment that promotes an active lifestyle.  Activity staff at Adult Day are trained in therapeutic recreation and their job is to keep your loved ones active and engaged.

Adult Day is also a good option when you need some extra help providing care to a loved one but cannot afford assisted living or a nursing home. According to the Market Survey of Long-Term Care Costs, the annual costs of Adult Day Services are far less than Assisted Living, Home Care or Nursing Homes in 2012.

  • The annual cost of Adult Day Services was $18,200 (0% increase from 2011).
  • The annual cost of In-Home Care was between $20,800 and $21,840 (as high as 5.3% increase from 2011).
  • The annual cost of Assisted Living facilities was $42,600 (2.1% increase from 2011).
  • The annual cost of Nursing Homes ranged between $81,030 and $90,520 depending on private or shared rooms (as high as a 3.8% increase from 2011).

See the results of the study here.2

This is a wonderful video of families that use Adult Day Services, created by NADSA, the National Adult Day Services Association.  Use NADSA’s website to locate an Adult Day Center near you.

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2 Market Survey of Long-Term Care Costs, Metlife Mature Market Institute, 2012

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