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Twiddle Muff: Best Alzheimer’s Products

Professional caregivers rave about the effectiveness of Twiddles®. Having something to hold and manipulate, something to “twiddle” or fidget with, has a calming effect on a person who has dementia. The textures, the gadgets, the warm coziness of the Twiddles® are all there for just that reason. The stimulation they provide truly adds to the individual’s quality of life.

Preventing Alzheimer’s

Can we prevent Alzheimer’s disease? Just as there is no cure, no magic bullet exists to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. On the other hand, there is compelling evidence that we can do certain things to delay the onset of the disease and even slow its progression. If we follow enough of this advice, perhaps we can […]

Alzheimer’s Research

[pullquote]   Alzheimer’s Research: Bibliography Alzheimer’s Research   Sometimes research papers can be downloaded for free. Other times these links take you to an abstract of the cited article where the full article can be purchased, or sometimes membership to a site allows access to the article.   Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Statistics 2008 Alzheimer’s […]