Our mission is to improve quality of life for people affected by Alzheimer’s disease or any dementia.

“People do not consist of memory alone. They have feeling, will, sensibility, moral being. It is here that you may touch them, and see a profound change.”

This is a variation of a quote found in a letter that Soviet neuropsychologist Alexander Luria wrote to neurologist and author Dr. Oliver Sacks. It is a quote that we found early on as we learned to care for our friend, Bernice. It is part of the inspiration for the mission of Best Alzheimer’s Products. 

Best Alzheimer’s Products is the premiere internet destination for information to help people understand and provide care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. It is also an excellent place for activity professionals and professional care providers to keep up with what is current in dementia care.

At our store you will find some of the best activities and alternative therapy products available anywhere.

Best Alzheimer's Products | Holly and Bernice

Holly with Bernice shortly after we assumed responsibility for her care.

We started Best Alzheimer’s Products (now Inc.) in 2007.  Some years earlier we accepted the responsibility to care for our friend, Bernice. It was difficult at that time to find information and products to help us provide the care she needed. So we began to put what we had painstakingly learned onto a website to benefit others who found themselves in similar circumstances.  Once this website began to take shape we added a store to share the games and things that worked for us while caring for Bernice; the things that worked to keep Bernice sharp and stimulated.

Our goal while caring for Bernice was to make her life as comfortable and meaningful as possible. Out of that our mission became: To improve the quality of life for anyone affected by dementia, and the people who care for them. We added the last part when we realized that the more active Bernice was, the happier she was. And, the happier she was the more efficient and effective was our quality of care.

What can Best Alzheimer’s Products do for you?

The more you know about caring for your loved one, the better job you will do, and the better will be his or her quality of life. Improving your loved one’s quality of life will improve the quality of your life as well. As you explore Best Alzheimer’s Products you will find ideas and suggestions for activities and entertainment that reduce agitation, aid sleep, and often makes it possible to reduce medication.

Visit our Hope on the Horizon blog and read our distillation of some of the latest clinical research regarding dementia This can help you make informed decisions concerning the care of your loved one. Learn how simple aids for daily living can prolong independence. Learn how diet and exercise  improve and extend cognitive functioning. We even suggest possible ways to prevent or at least forestall Alzheimer’s disease. And learn more about the range of diseases and conditions that together comprise the syndrome we call dementia.

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