Alzheimer’s Disease and Addiction

Alzheimer’s Disease and Addiction

Alzheimer’s disease causes a person’s brain to degenerate and profoundly impacts their memory, emotional management, cognition, and perception. Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia are mainly identified as side effects of old age. That said, there are times when these disorders are thought of as random and can strike any individual regardless of their age. Read more

Hope On The Horizon — 11-26-2018

Researchers may have finally developed an Alzheimer’s vaccine.

A dementia friendly can be a safe environment for people in the community who have Alzheimer's disease or other dementia.

Dementia Friendly Library

A library can be an influential and valuable part of creating a community that is supportive to people living with dementia, including care providers.

Hope On The Horizon — July 10, 2018

Is this the drug we have been waiting for?

Hope On The Horizon June 26, 2018

Some of the latest developments in dementia research, care practices, and treatment.