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In many ways the the medical strategy involving Alzheimer’s disease is moving from cure to prevention. As I see it, prevention is always a better option. I would prefer never to get  a disease like Alzheimer’s, or cancer, or arthritis, than to get the disease even knowing it could be cured. So far we know of no sure way to prevent Alzheimer’s; on the other hand, I see new evidence almost daily that lifestyle choices including diet can affect our resistance to the disease.  Evidence like that presented in this Bread Head documentary film. Some is likely close to quackery, but much of it is gaining support in the scientific community.

What is the Bread Head Documentary

Max Lugavere, the young man narrating the short video at the top of this page, has a compelling reason to investigate how we might prevent Alzheimer’s disease. His mother started showing signs of dementia at age 59. Another impetus for Max is the blood test that indicate he has an increased risk for dementia. Max is, among other things, a film maker, and since we do what we know, he is planning a documentary to chronicle the work that is being done in the quest to eliminate the threat of dementia.

The video posted above is a Crowdfunding teaser. Max is raising money for his film on the KickStarter website, a place that enables large numbers of people to contribute in amounts as little as $5.00 to projects of their choice. The funding campaign is entering its third week, as of this writing, with three weeks to go. It has already raised two thirds of its goal. I’m not asking you to contribute, that is up to you. But spread the word. This is an admirable cause, one that aligns closely with our own.

What are you doing to prevent Alzheimer’s disease?


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