Book and Media Suggestions for Dementia

Brainpaths® is a unique concept. It is based on the fact that each of our fingertips contain more than 3000 nerve receptors that connect directly to our brains. As the grooves in the discs are traced repeatedly with the fingers, those receptors send messages to the somatosensory cortex in the parietal lobe of the brain. Sensory stimulation like this can modify the structure of the brain.

Aging in Place |

Aging in Place

90 percent of adults over the age of 65 would prefer to stay in their current residence as they age.

Validation Therapy for Alzheimer's disease and all dementia.

Validation Therapy and Alzheimer’s

Keto, Paleo, and Alzheimer’s

video games and Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s, Brain Activity, and Video Games

Vitamin B12 deficiency or dementia - a 3-dimensional model of vitamin B12

Dementia or Vitamin B12 deficiency?

Auguste Deter – taken in 1906 shortly before her death from Alzheimers disease.

What is Dementia?

safety advice for-alzheimers

Fall Related Deaths are Increasing