Honesty and Alzheimer's: telling the truth is not always the best policy.

Honesty and Alzheimer’s: Is a lie always a lie?

Honesty is the best policy. This adage is true for so many reasons and on so many levels, but can mixing honesty and Alzheimer’s sometimes make a bad situation worse?

Can Turmeric Cure Alzheimer’s Disease?

We have evidence that turmeric can protect us against Alzheimer’s and certain other brain disorders.

author Leah Dobkin

Capture and Preserve the Memories of a Loved One with Early Alzheimer’s

The best gift you give yourself and your loved one is to capture and preserve his or her stories before they are forgotten forever. Nothing is more powerful, gratifying and healing. One vehicle to capturing your loved one’s stories is through an updated ancient tradition called a legacy letter.

grandson giving grandpa a present at Christmas

The Perfect Gift for Someone who has Alzheimer’s

Holidays are happy times, but they can also be stressful. The holidays can be particularly stressful if you are caring for a loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease. However, much of that stress can be alleviated if you have the right information and the right activities to keep your loved one happy.

Music therapy for Alzheimers and demantia

A Music Therapist Looks at Dementia

Have you ever thought I know music works well for people with dementia but I am not musical??

Help Children Understand Alzhiemer's

Help Children Understand Alzheimer’s

A child will notice the behavioral changes that dementia causes in a grandparent, and it can be very upsetting. Not taking the initiative to explain to your daughter why Grandma can’t remember her name, is not an option. It’s up to you to help your children understand the effects that Alzheimer’s is having on someone they love.

The Alzheimer's Project

The Alzheimer’s Project: The Memory Loss Tapes

The Memory Loss Tapes  can, at times, be difficult to sit through. At other times I couldn’t help but smile and even laugh while watching. For example, Woody (the beginning of the second part) singing with his old acapella group, The Grunions, brought a tear of joy, as did other segments.

Can We Remember Lost Memories

Research shows that stimulating activity can help rewire the brain so that memories lost to disease can be retrieved.

Stop Calling them Alzheimer’s Patient!

The words we use do, to a great extent, influence the way we think, and the way we think, in turn, affects our actions.

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