Holidays are happy times, but they can also be stressful. The holidays can be particularly stressful if you are caring for a loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease. However, much of that stress can be alleviated if you have the right information and the right activities to keep your loved one happy. There is a place you can go for help. Best Alzheimer’s Products is an online business built around the idea that people with dementia can still lead meaningful lives. Co-founders John and Holly Schmid specialize in supplying the knowledge and the products you need to find the right gift as well as provide a good life to your loved one with dementia.

There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but there is strong evidence that the right kind of stimulating activities can help the brain function better. Games and puzzles that offer just the right amount of cognitive challenge and sensory stimulation make perfect gifts because they are therapeutic, but also because they are enjoyable.

So, what makes a good gift for a person who has dementia? There are gifts that help maintain a degree of independence, like a phone that uses a picture instead of a string of numbers to dial. Another good choice is a clock that tells what day it is and gives the time as either morning, afternoon, evening or night. These aids can make excellent gifts, especially for people in the earlier stages of a progressive dementia like Alzheimer’s.

But according to Holly, “The best gifts are the ones that are fun, and it is here that Best Alzheimer’s Products excels. The online store has the largest available selection of games, puzzles, ‘toys’ and other activities that have been specifically selected for people with dementia.” And it is not just for fun. These activities make a difference. A simple jigsaw puzzle can help decrease agitation and anxiety. A game that involves socialization, reminiscing, or cognitive stimulation can actually improve memory for a time. Enjoying art, including music, can make someone with dementia more verbal, more social. Activity that encourages reminiscing will increase feelings of self-worth and relieve depression.

Always take your loved one’s current abilities into account. Your dad may have loved crossword puzzles, and looked forward each week to the New York Times just for that reason. The NY Times puzzle may be out of the question now, but a book of easier crosswords might make a perfect gift.


There are hundreds of gift ideas available in the store. Or call Holly or John at 847-223-3021.

When the day arrives, when food is eaten and presents are opened; when you do the things that make the day special to you and yours, be careful not to overdo it. Dementia can cause people to tire easily. They can become confused by excess noise and activity. If your loved one looks tired, confused, or anxious, it’s time to quiet things down. Don’t stop the celebration, but remove him or her to a quieter environment, maybe to sleep, maybe to enjoy one of the gifts that can be enjoyed alone or in quieter company.

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