First of all, thank you for such a tremendous, caring and comprehensive website, I always pass the word along to those I think might benefit from it. Thank you so much, I really look forward to giving him something he can actually do.

I am happy to have found your site. There are lots of medical sites, but yours is appealing because it focuses more broadly on quality of life.

Wow! This is all so new to us. My mother in law came to live with us 3 months ago with stage 3 alzheimers. I am the major caregiver, bathing, feeding, meals, laundry, meds, activities but my husband is getting better at helping. I found your site when a friend suggested “toys for Alzheimer’s” and will definitely be coming back for more. Thank you for all the links and great products too.

The service was swift and your staff goes above and beyond. The Twiddle Pup has already brought my Mom comfort and companionship. It keeps her hands busy and she looks for it when it’s been put aside for whatever reason. I have told many of my friends and families that I’ve met through the journey with my Mom about the product and the other varieties that it comes it. I have nothing but good things to say about this purchase!

Thanks, Appreciate that “extra effort”. Don’t seem to run into that much anymore… and that is a shame. I’m really looking forward to receiving the “toys” for my wife. I pray they will work as good as one of her caregivers told me they would.

Thanks so much for the dignity with which you conduct your business.

Your type of products are what my husband and I needed to help us pass the day. (…) In spite of Alzheimer’s, once again in our 46 years of being together, we are having fun with each other!!!

“Needless to say, her need for sedatives has stopped.”

We see smiles and feel relieved that, even though we can’t make her well, we can make her comfortable and content without resorting to brain fogging drugs or, worse, restraints.