Activities for Alzheimer's disease and other dementia. elderly Alzheimer's patient playin PicLink


 Appropriate activities for Alzheimer’s and other dementias are an important part of an overall therapy plan. Games, toys, puzzles, and other fun things not only provide a pleasurable diversion, but there is clinical evidence that activities which are cognitively stimulating might even slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Age- and stage-appropriate activities are a simple and effective way to improve the quality of life for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

An appropriate activity for someone with Alzheimer’s is any activity that provides cognitive or sensory stimulation, inspires reminiscing, is enjoyable, exercises the mind and/or body, and is not demeaning. This last point can be a little sticky. “Is not demeaning” refers to the sensibilities of the person with Alzheimer’s. If that person feels something you give him or her is for some reason not appropriate, he or she will let you know. If that person enjoys the activity, even if it is a toy designed for a 8 year old, he/she is deriving benefit from it.

We have spent literally thousands of hours searching for and selecting and creating the activities available here. We always look for things that are age-appropriate, as you will see as you peruse our selection. That said, we have included several activities that were designed specifically for children, but provide excellent benefits nonetheless. These are stage-appropriate even if they are not strictly age-appropriate. Read more» about age-appropriateness and stage-appropriateness on our website.

No game, no puzzle or art activity will be right for everyone. As caregiver for a person or persons with Alzheimer’s, you know the likes and preferences and history of the person or people in your car, be it a loved one or a client. Use that knowledge to make your selections. You can always contact us for help and suggestions.