A Day Clokc showing time, date, day, and whether it's morning or evening. This is a great example of Aids for Daily Living Alzheimer's and other dementia


As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, your loved one will need more and more help with the seemingly simple activities of daily living (ADLs). Eating, dressing, basic hygiene, shaving, and eventually toileting will likely be neglected as routines are forgotten, and abilities deteriorate.

ADLs are those things we all need to do on a regular basis to ensure our health and well-being. ADLs are those need-to-do things that take up so much of our day and that we all take for granted–until we cannot do them anymore. Activities involving health and hygiene are called basic activities of daily living. By contrast, instrumental activities of daily living are those abilities that allow a person to live independently.

Aids for Daily Living (also ADLs) are products and devices that help one complete the Activities of Daily Living as his or her natural ability to do them declines. These aids can extend the time that a person can live independently, and enhance that person’s sense of well-being.

A phone call to a family member can be hard if one can’t remember the phone number that he has known for years. Watching a favorite TV program gets frustrating if a person is confused by the complexity of the remote control. Taking medication can become dangerous if doses are forgotten or taken twice because someone forgets taking her pills and takes them again. There are products here for all of these situations and more.

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