Including Fall Prevention

Safety is a potential issue for anyone who is aging, but for a person with Alzheimer’s disease or any other form of dementia, it becomes even more of a concern. Diminishing cognitive and perceptual abilities coupled with behavioral symptoms like wandering, is a recipe for disaster if we, as carers, are not careful.

Falls are a leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries among seniors. The National Institute on Aging estimates that a third of the population over age 65 falls each year, and the risk of falling increases with increasing age.

A person with dementia is at even greater risk because of the effects of his or her particular disease. Alzheimer’s disease, for example, can impact a person,s strength, balance, coordination, judgement, and perception. Any and all of these complications contribute to falling.

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Wandering is another safety concern; by some estimates 60% of people with dementia will wander and some of these wanderers are never found.

Best Alzheimer’s Products carries an extensive line of alarms, monitors, and other products to help limit the incidences of both falling and wandering. If you can’t find the exact solution you are looking for, call us (877/300.3021) or Contact Us and we will be happy to help.