Busy Bee Lap Pad is Alzheimer's Alternative Therapy | This weighted lap pad provides non-medical therapy for all types of dementia | Shows elderly woman enjoying the benefits of her Busy Bee

Alternative Therapy for Alzheimer’s/Dementia

Many non-pharmacological therapies are proving to be as effective, and even more effective than the drugs so often prescribed for the symptoms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

One early study found that something as simple as playing Bingo improves dementia care. The study’s authors concluded that, “cognitive stimulation enhanced performance … Thus, a simple cognitive activity such as Bingo can be of great value to the daily management of Alzheimer’s patients.”

What we call Alternative therapy for dementia includes a variety of non-medical therapies and is an important part of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease. Music, aromatherapy and sensory stimulation, bright light therapy, art therapy; all of these will help to ease the agitation, anxiety and depression caused by Alzheimer’s, and can even temporarily improve memory and cognitive functioning. Read more about alternative therapy for Alzheimer’s and dementia at our website.