3D Illustrations for Memory Care | A beauriful display of 6 frames

Keeping your residents, clients, and loved ones occupied and engaged is sometime half the battle. Okay, maybe “battle” is not the best choice of words, but you know what I mean. However, people with dementia and other cognitive and developmental disorders often have a hard time staying tuned into a world they don’t well understand.

The 3D Illustrations line provides a way to not only brighten and beautify a room, or a hallway, or anyplace that has some space on a wall. Every 3D Illustration provides sensory stimulation in the form of color and shape, as well as cognitive stimulation in that they beg to be “decoded”.

We know that keeping the brain and the senses busy reaps huge rewards. Study after published study report that sensory stimulation is an effective means to control some of the behavioral symptoms we associate with all kinds of dementia. And appropriate activity in general is good therapy.

These unique wall décor pieces combine design with everyday objects in a 3D shadowbox. A push-pin helps to define a cat. Scrabble pieces become part of a kite and a cat. Includes security hardware. Framed with acrylic glass.