Aromatherapy for dementia care professionals | A field of lavendar in France



The benefits of aromatherapy for people with dementia including Alzheimer’s are well documented.

Aromatherapy for Memory Care Professionals will create a stimulating yet peaceful atmosphere in your residential environment.At the very least, certain essential oils create a peaceful yet stimulating atmosphere that will promote a feeling of well being in both residents and staff. We know too that some oils actually improve memory and cognition. One of the great things about aromatherapy is that it can be used as a “background” therapy for almost anything else that is going on. Art or music therapy can be accompanied by aromatherpy to entice even more creativity. In short, aromatherapy can amplify the positive effect of any activity. We recommend that aromatherapy (and music) be used as much as is practical in the care community. Have this non-activity working as your residents prepare for bed and they will sleep better.

I don’t recommend that aromatherapy accompany meals, since smell is so closely related to taste, but there are not many hours in the day to which the proper essential oil will not lend some benefit.

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The essential oils listed are those that research shows to benefit people with dementia. We have an extensive line of

Different oils have different affects. One of the oils commonly recommended for people with dementia is lavender, and lavender is an aroma that many people are familiar with and love. Lavender can be calming, and is a good one to use in the evening as people are preparing for bed. There is quite a lot of clinical evidence that this essential oil is an effective way to reduce agitation and aggressive behavior in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Several recent studies find that rosemary oil can measurably aid memory and cognition. Frankincense is just beginning to be studied for its potential benefits, but it is known for its brain healing and mood enhancing properties. And frankincense is the essential oil most used in perfumes – it has a heavenly aroma. I would recommend this oil even if it didn’t possess its healing properties, just to create a peaceful atmosphere.

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