Gardening Life Station and Fishing Life Stations installed in a memory care community


Life Skill Stations are a fairly new concept in dementia care, though savvy carers have long used the notion as part of their practice. These environments are designed to be interactive and to arouse memories of good times past.

Our Life Stations were created specifically for residents diagnosed with dementia including Alzheimer’s. Each station was carefully developed with help from the nation’s leading memory care programs in an effort to provide therapy for wandering residents through productive engagement. Every Life Station is designed with a series and interactive accessories.

Each station is fashioned around a hobby or household chore that almost everyone will recognize. All come with a package of accessories that correspond to the theme of the station and make activity even more realistic.

Life Skills Stations not only create an atmosphere that is engaging and ideal for reminiscing, they also encourage meaningful activity that can provide a sense of normalcy.