Texture and Tactile Art for professionals in dementia care

Texture and Tactile Art

This line of art objects was designed specifically for memory care and similar settings. Each framed piece begins with touchable art that is handcrafted from a wide variety of textiles with familiar themes. All of our pieces are treated with Scotchgard and a fabric fire retardant.

Tactile Art encourages exploration for immediate and palpable gratification, helping to relieve stress and confusion. Some items include audio sound to stimulate sound recognition. (Sound button located at bottom right.

Designed for older adults with dementia and other cognitive issues, this line also provides beneficial sensory feedback for younger adults and children, with or without developmental disabilities.

The items in this category are priced for individual sale. Professionals usually purchase more than one of these at a time, for a hallway or an activity room, for example. Three or more pieces in your shopping cart will trigger a $25 discount per piece that will show in the cart and on the checkout page.