DVDs for Alzheimer’s 

Ambient Nature Video

Ambient Nature DVDs provide a welcome reprieve from the daily grind.

Turn your TV or computer screen into a window on the natural world.  Create a relaxing atmosphere in your home or working environment. Enjoy breathtaking scenes from nature. Get that lovely summer feeling with our Beach DVDs and Ocean DVDs, with stunning sunset movies, white beaches and crystal clear water. Discover the most beautiful tropical sceneries and gardens from all over the world with unique, colorful plants and (tropical) flowers.

Enjoy stunning movies of swan lakes, refreshing forests, lavender fields, waterfalls and flamingos and much, much more. Watch fish swim lazily in crystal clear water. Follow butterflies as the flit from flower to flower. Observe the power of changing seasons. All from the comfort of your home.

The DVDs are recorded with professional HD cameras and have different sound options (sounds of nature) and music tracks (ambiance, piano, classical music) to choose from.

 Nature Video for Alzheimer’s and Dementia