Products for people with early stage Alzheimer's disease or mild dementia

The first stage of Alzheimer’s, or mild Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by some memory loss, especially memory of  recent events.

Some of the tasks that most of us take for granted will slowly be eroded by the progression of the disease. Products for early stage Alzheimer’s should be aimed at helping a person maintain his or her independence. Include activities that stimulate cognition and the senses.

A person in the early stages of Alzheimer’s will likely be able to carry out most of the daily activities of living. Aids for Daily Living can help a person accomplish important every-day tasks that may otherwise become difficultlater in this stage. He or she begin to forget familiar words and names when speaking, and have trouble finding their keys or reading glasses. Judgment and attention span will become impaired.

Many of the activities that a person enjoyed earlier in life can still be enjoyed in the early stage. Concentrate on activities that stimulate memory processes, like trivia games, word puzzles, and memory games. Anything that inspires reminiscing, like picture albums, familiar music, and conversation with old friends are highly recommended.