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Dementia Professionals – Libraries and Library workersA recent article in the Pierce County Herald featured a program instituted by the Ellsworth Public Library (Wisconsin). Under the guidance of Library Director, Tiffany Meyer, the library has assembled a number of kits which contain activities specially selected to appeal to older adults in their community who have dementia. “One struggle with dementia can be for friends and family members to figure out how to continue having meaningful interactions with a loved one who is experiencing dementia,” Ms Meyer said. “Many of the items in the kits were purchased from Best Alzheimer’s Products’ website,” she continued. “These kits have the potential to help many people.” Read more» about the interview with TIffany Meyer.

The local library is an ideal point from which a community can reach out to those in its population who have dementia. Public libraries all over the country are using our services and activities to benefit that special needs group. We have spent thousands of hours searching for and creating activities that are appropriate and valuable to people with dementia. Many of the things in our store provide measurable therapeutic benefits.

Much of our inventory, especially some of our videos and activity books, is appropriate for the general population as well; not just people with dementia. The Sentimental Reflections collection, for instance, provides nostalgic reminiscence for older adults in general, and in younger people these videos instill an appreciation of our country’s (U.S.A.) heritage. Our exercise videos are intended for an elderly audience with or without dementia. And our extensive collection of Nature Videos lend a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to any setting.

We even have a line of adaptive furniture. The chairs in this group especially will enhance the visit of patrons with mobility issues.

Just below we have recommended some categories of products as well as some individual products that we think you will like. Please browse the entire store for more ideas, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, give us a call – 847/223.3021.

Make yours a Dementia Friendly Library. Learn more » about how your library can benefit people with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia.