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Quote Number Q-01075
Quote Date September 13, 2022
Valid Until December 31, 2022
Total $29,419.36
SA Ambulance Services - Government of South Australia

205 Greenhill Road
South Australia 5063

Business Services


Costs on this quote are in US dollars.

As this is a first order and the shipment is out of country, we will need to have payment prior to shipping. Payment method can be arranged following acceptance of quote. Subsequent orders will enjoy payment on receipt terms.

Freight costing is up to the Adelaide, SA terminal CFS only and includes insurance.   All destination charges  (Terminal handling, documentation. CFS, Customs clearance, duties, taxes and delivery) are excluded.



Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
500 Twiddle Muffs - 100 each of 5 styles
1 Freight to Adelaide, SA terminal CFS including insurance $1,919.360.00%$1,919.36
Sub Total $29,419.36
Sales Tax $0.00
Total $29,419.36

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